Pointless invention of hot water

Instructions and recommendations

There is no miracle cure

The excuse that you don’t have time is one of the reasons you’re with your health today where you don’t want to be!

We’re not claiming you have an infinite amount of time! However, we can assure you that you have just as much of it as you had that you got stuck in health problems.

Be patient! Don’t push yourself to extremes, don’t pressure yourself, and don’t live in false hope!

We recommend

Safe and comfortable environment

Short instructions:

– Use headphones, the price should not be the deciding factor (good solution: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO or Sennheiser HD 400 PRO).
– For activities in the natural environment, we recommend bone conduction headphones (good solution: Shokz)
– The volume should be pleasant in your personal judgment. Pay attention to sound volume and Sound Quality with Enhanced Bass
– The best solution is (our program is adapted to this) to use WOOJER with quality headphones.

We do not recommend

Less is more - please don't overdo it!

Don’t use cheap technology.

Pay attention to:

– While driving a car or operating dangerous machinery.
– Persons under the influence of alcohol and opiates
– Pregnant women, epileptics and children under 4 years of age.

Don’t underestimate the sound.

Our brains can deceive us because they divert our attention to the unconscious level. But the body still perceives vibrations that are not good for our health.

We live in an environment contaminated with noise, this does not affect positively on our well-being.

Health Disclaimer

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