We do not support exploiting the plight of the people!

Who We Are

Our History

We are not an unlisted sheet. Our roots go back to 2002.

Learning, research and growth are our constant. Along the way, we have always sought common ground between alternative and official medicine.
We combine everything in our Laboratory for Integrative Medicine.

We have always placed great emphasis on ethics.

Our mission

Our Vision is Audision !

Our values

“The world is not divided by race, color, gender or sexual orientation,
the world is divided into wise people and fools,

And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender or sexual orientation.”

The driving force

He is great storyteller, doing his life’s work with resilience, and resourcefulness. Zlatko is voracious learner (and smooth teacher), with sound judgment and the humility to pursue the truth above all else. He is practicing clinical hypnosis, psycho-kinesiology, Celtic Reiki. Ethno medicine challenges him because of its connection with spirituality.

His CV is very diverse as he worked in film and theater production, where he was one of the first to use the computer for project planning. And after that, long time ago, the Internet came, and he made the first website.

Forty years of colorful career has designed him to have the ability to solve crisis situations and always have time for meaningful reflection.

Zlatko Križan


Laboratory for Integrative Medicine


Just force

A brutal force that can teach you a lot about life.

Ocvirk von Placebo

Empathic force

A supervisor, an ordinary domestic cat by training, with a specialization in Alzheimer’s dementia. Excellent management of emotional homeostasis between the patient and the caregiver of this person.



Test bunny

The power of inspiration

Majda survived vaccination with polio vaccine at a young age. She was one of those whose lives were ruined by the vaccine. For her, the vaccine was not a metaphor, but a brutal experience. Today, as a mature woman, she clearly shows all of us how to live a quality life and improve our lives by being a role model for everyone, how to live a very high quality life with optimism and elation.

She is well aware of the important role of the test rabbit or white mouse in the development of new models of therapies.