Ethical consideration

The Value Of Health

Is it really priceless?

We humans are unpredictably subjective in our assessments!

Why you (probably) won’t finish reading this story

We live in the most distracted time in human history. Can we reclaim our attention spans?

We live in a distracted world, almost certainly the most distracted world in human history. And if you’re part of this circus, you’re drowning in options and gadgets and screens and you’re being pulled in a million directions seemingly all at once.

If you spend any time online, you already know this. You’re constantly stalked by advertisers and product peddlers, and your attention is constantly being harvested and sold. That’s the business model also in the field of health care.

Comparison of the incomparable

We have already told you - if you have decided for poison, then we have a vaccine

The value of money cannot be compared to the value of health. But we can calculate the cost of the disease!


Hippocratic oath

An important reflection from the past for the present >>>

Doctrine or dogma?

We emphasize – you do not need faith in the digital vaccine, knowledge of physics, biology, …